Information sheets

The information on these sheets relates solely to my clinical practice. The views and management of other surgeons may differ.

Amputation of a finger Nerve surgery
Anaesthesia for hand surgery (regional anaesthetic) Osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist
Anticoagulants and hand surgery Pisiformectomy
Carpal tunnel release (endoscopic) Pre-op advice (general)
Carpal tunnel release (open) Pre-op advice (travel/DVT)
Chronic regional hand pain (CRPS) Post-op advice (dermofasciectomy)
Complications in hand surgery Post-op advice (fasciectomy)
Congenital hand problems Post-op advice (general elbow)1
Cubital tunnel release Post-op advice (general finger)2
De Quervain's disease Post-op advice (general hand)3
Diabetic stiff hand Post-op advice (thumb & wrist surgery)4
Dupuytren's contracture (introduction) Post-op advice (trapeziectomy with LRTI)
Dupuytren's contracture - Collagenase (Xiapex) Post-op advice (TMCJ fusion)
Dupuytren's contracture - Dermofasciectomy Radial styloidectomy
Dupuytren's contracture - Fasciectomy  Sauve-Kapandji procedure
Dupuytren's contracture - Needle fasciotomy Scaphoid fracture
Extensor tendon realignment Scaphoid non-union
Extensor tendon injury Zone I (Mallet finger) Scapho-lunate ligament reconstruction
Extensor tendon injury Zone III (Boutonniere) Sesamoid fusion
Extensor tendon injury Zone V-VII) Skin grafting
Finger amputation Steroid injection
Finger arthritis STT fusion
Finger arthroplasty (joint replacement) STT resection
Finger exercises after injury Syndactyly release
Finger fractures Tendon injury (overview)
Finger fusion Tennis elbow
Fingertip injuries Tenosynovitis
Flexor tendon grafting Trapeziectomy
Flexor tendon repair Trapezio-metacarpal fusion
Ganglions Trigger finger
Hand lumps Ulnar collateral ligament injury (thumb)
Hand surgery exercises Ulnar head excision (Darrach)
Hand surgery Ulnar osteotomy
Hand surgery after treatment for breast cancer Wound healing after injury and surgery
Hand surgery for rheumatoid arthritis Wrist arthroscopy
MCPJ arthroplasty (joint replacement) Wrist fusion (Osteoarthritic/Degenerative)
Medical report information Wrist fusion (Rheumatoid)
Metalwork removal Wrist laceration
Minor skin surgery Wrist ligament injuries
Nerve repair Wrist osteoarthritis


Examples: 1=cubital tunnel release, tennis elbow release; 2=lump/ganglion excision; 3=trigger finger release,carpal tunnel release, hand or wrist ganglion excision, wrist denervation; 4=simple trapeziectomy, STT resection, radial styloidectomy.